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Need help sizing?

SIZING measurements to help determine which best fits you!!!

Hey loves we, the bodyingo team, has now introduced a new way to help you guys purchase the most accurate and best fitting trainer you're looking for! Now all there is to this is a few simple steps..

  1. Send us an email letting us know your indecisive about what size there is you need to purchase.
  2. After holding conversation, if we are still unable to get the most accurate size, send us an up-to-date full body picture to best determine your size NOTE: WE WILL NOT AND I REPEAT, WE WILL NOT keep pictures for any other reasons.. 
  3. When your purchase is made and size is determined, we will ship measuring tape with your waist trainer so that if for any reason it is still incorrect in size you'd be able to send us your exact waist measurement.

         FUNFACT: A good benefit to this is that, if your serious about weight loss, the measuring tape is a good source to you! Keeping up with with your measurements is the most accurate way to stay focused on a fitness goal and see results!!! 


Contact Michelle for sizing help (901) 495-0225