FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

What’s the largest size in your waist trainers? All sizes up to 3x. Sizes of 4x will need to be pre-ordered

How much are your waist trainer belts? Depends on sales and discount codes. Regular price $50 (prices may vary due to sales)

How much are your shaper vest? Vest with zipper is priced at $60 and vest without zipper is priced at $50 (prices may vary due to sales)

How long does shipping take? Shipping takes aproximately 1-3 business days.

What is 24k Vitamin Oil or "Advanced Version?"  Our 24k Vitamin Oil is full of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial for scalp and skin health. The scalp is the most crucial part for hair growth & moisture. We've designed a healthy blend of natural oils and herbs with beneficial supplements to help keep scalp and skin nourished and full of health. Promoting longer healthy hair and healthy moisturized skin.

Does is really work? We use pure natural ingredients in every product we sell. If research, as we did, you’ll find out the amazing benefits each individual ingredients (oil, soap, powder etc..) have for hair or skin health!