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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)


How long does shipping take? Shipping takes approximately 1-3 business days **Due to COVID-19, shipping experiences may take longer than normal. Please be sure to check up on your tracking and contact the postal office concerning delays.** 

What is 24k Vitamin Oil or "Advanced Version?"  Our 24k Vitamin Oil is full of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial for scalp and skin health. The scalp is the most crucial part for hair growth & moisture. We've designed a healthy blend of natural oils and herbs with beneficial supplements to help keep scalp and skin nourished and full of health. Promoting longer healthy hair and healthy moisturized skin.

Does is really work? We use pure natural ingredients in every product we sell. If research, as we did, you’ll find out the amazing benefits each individual ingredients (oil, soap, powder etc..) have for hair or skin health! 

How do I use the 24k Gro serum? Apply to wet or damp hair at all times avoiding the length of your hair. Drop a small amount to the blading or thinning area of  scalp and massage in thoroughly. Using this oil on open pores ensures the best results. 

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