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About Us | Blackbysea


Hi, I am a wife and mother of two. Over the last 4 years I've gained a liking to holistic health care in all its aspects. From simple teas that helps cure the common cold to whipped body butters to nourish the skin. I've expanded my knowledge to bring up my future family with amazing healthcare remedies WITHOUT chemicals.

At the beginning my focus wasn't to make a business out of it but after I sat and thought about it, my mind began to change. I always had the heart to help those in need rather it was with words, money, or materialistic items but my husband taught me that knowledge was the best thing to hand down to a person. 

After about two months of using our products, my husband pushed me to make a business out of this and share these great BENEFICIAL remedies with the world. Now I have over 20 products that I sell to people all across.

We try our best to offer top quality products that will help you and your family with either your skin or your hair. RAW ingredients is the key to REAL HEALTH, that's why we offer our raw natural oils and butters as well as our authentic African black soap. 

Don't forget about our BEST SELLER!! Our GroNshine Hair Growth Oil is becoming one the worlds best known organic hair growth oil. With our knowledge here at Blackbysea we have blended the best of the best natural oils and essentials for our hair growth oil to NOT ONLY promote hair growth but hair health as well.  

Our brand Blackbysea was established in 2017 and became available to online shoppers in the year 2018! In the year 2019, we became very successful in marketing our amazing products. Overall we offer great quality herbs, oils butters and of course our handmade remedies! 

All of our Hair & Skin care products are handmade and are 100% ALL NATURAL! NO HARSH CHEMICALS OR ADDITIVES. We did the research so you won't have to! 

Satisfaction is our top priority!!! Great Customer Service is definitely provided. 

ANY QUESTIONS? Email: [email protected]