Sage Smudge Sticks

For centuries, Native Americans and other Indigenous people have burned Sage as a spiritual ritual to cleanse a person or a space of negativity. The powerful tool of Sage Smudge Sticks are normally used in enclosed areas such as homes or certain rooms within the home. Typically burned then waved in the air to deplete the negative or low vibrations.

There are many other factors as to why you should burn sage and here are the others…

  • Improving Intuition 
  • Improving Mood 
  • Reducing Stress or Anxiety levels
  • Empower One's Energy
  • Bring Good Fortune
  • Attract Positive Energy
  • Improve Meditation 

Overall it is used for MENTAL/SPIRITUAL HEALTH

How to use Sage:

Light one end of the Sage Stick and allow the smoke to travel through the air. If your goal is to cleanse a room, light the end and then proceed to wanding the stick through the air in a calm steady motion. You can also place the burning Sage Stick into an abalone shell.


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