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Natural Shea Butter (ivory)


Helps reduce excessive oil production on scalp and skin

Relieves scalp problems 

Reduce flaking due to dryness 

Moisturizes skin/hair 

Natural Shea butter benefits both hair and skin. It is high in vitamins A and K leaving that it is highly ideal for long lasting moisture and nourishment

Our Natural Shea butter is a off-white ivory color. It is mainly a lighter color due to the fact that is has been processed and has lost its natural color during so. Natural Shea butter isn't taken through a harsh procedure but has been processed enough to remove the impurities so simply, This unrefined Natural Shea butter is at its purest form.

Natural Shea butter has anti-inflammatory properties as well as and anti-aging properties to help keep skin more smooth and moisturized.

Our Raw Shea butter can be used on both your hair and skin. 

How to use Shea butter for your face? We recommend applying a small amount to your face at nighttime after using our black soap face wash, is key to highly nourished skin.