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Sea of Herbs | Immune System Booster Vitamins


They say the best way to fight a disease is to not contract it from the start. A healthy Immune system starts with a healthy diet and choosing the correct things to put into the body is crucial. How you eat could damage the immune system and make it easier for viruses and other diseases to enter the body and create other health problems. This is why we have created our immune system booster vitamins to target the bodies specific needs to rebuild the body back to its natural state without the use of dangerous ingredients with side effects that could cause complications later. Our immune system booster vitamins was inspired by the great Dr.Sebi. 

Ingredients and Benefits:

  •  Irish sea moss - Weight loss, Immune system, Anti inflammation, Fights cancer, Digestive health, Dissolves mucus, Joint and tissue health, Anti - Diabetic
  • Garlic -  Boosts immune system, Natural antibiotic, Fights cold and flu, Heart health, Congestion, Anti viral, Kills parasites, Lowers blood pressure, Prevents blood clots, Aids digestion system, Low energy, Increases the absorption of iron and zinc, Helps fight cancer, Anti fungal, Toothaches, Chronic bronchitis Weight loss, Helps fight diabetes, Reduces blood pressure
  • Dandelion Root - Regulates blood sugar, Inflammation, Lowers blood pressure, Bone health, Antioxidant, Liver cleanse, Kidney cleanse, Mood enhancer, Weight loss
  • Licorice Root - Anti Viral, Fights heard burn, Anti inflammation, Fatigue, Immune booster, Cough and sore throat, Ease menopause, Natural pain reliever, Arthritis Relief, helps fight cancer, fights diabetes, Liver health, Antioxidant
  • Turmeric - Lupus Aid, Helps fights cancer, Anti fungal, Anti inflammatory, Improves digestion system, Improves memory, Alzheimer, Arthritis reducer, Heart disease, Depression, Natural pain killer, Protects the lungs, Stomach ulcers, Respiratory health
  • Echinacea - Fights Flu, Cell growth, Anti cancer, Anxiety reducer, Lowers blood pressure, Immune system booster, Bone health, Respiratory health, Anti bacterial, Anti viral, Natural antibiotic, Helps white blood cells function, Joint and muscle disorders, Shortens colds, Relieves UTI, Prevents diseases
  • Horse Tail - Bone health, Helps fight cancer, Boosts immune system, Aids the kidney, Anti inflammation, Boosts memory, Prevents diabetes

Ingredients: Irish sea moss, Garlic, Dandelion Root, Licorice Root, Turmeric, Echinacea, Horse Tail, Chili Pepper


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