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September 16, 2020 1 min read

Hello beautiful people, 

Here is a video that shows, IN FULL DETAIL, how to properly detangle your natural hair. I know that this is a struggle for most natural girls and can be an extremely frustrating task when you are unaware of the basic tactics when it comes to detangling.

In this video I reveal some amazing tips for detangling your natural hair. These steps, in many people's opinion, can be a little time consuming but definitely beneficial.  

Why would these steps help you, you ask?! I'll explain why... 

Our natural hair sheds 50-100 hairs a day so when its time to detangle you should lessen the amount that you end pulling out during the process. Tangles are no girls best friend!!! During the detangling process it's best to manipulate the tangles FIRST then separate the hair afterwards. 

In doing this method, you'll also realize the amount of hair you end up retaining rather than losing. The goal is always to care for your hair WHILE holding on to the healthy length as well. NEVER pull out more hair than necessary.  

With the simple techniques I show in the video, you'll be sure to retain length and decrease the amount of hair shed!! 

Enjoy!! :) After watching, please comment "Inches" in the comment section.

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